CNBC Awaaz is a Hindi business news channel owned and operated CNBC TV 18. Launched on 2005, the channel features business news, analysis and stock market updates throughout the day. The main motive of the channel is to educate, inform and inspire spectators to rise above limitations, with proactive tips on personal finance, technology, investing, consumer goods and capital markets. Be it small towns or metros, CNBC Awaaz will be positioned as a channel for end-consumers across all markets in India.

CNBC Awaaz is a joint venture between CNBC and TV18 based in New Delhi. The channel telecasts programs like Awaaz Samachar, Commodity Call, Property Guru, Consumer Adda, Kal Ka Bazar, Takkar, Stock 20-20, Pehla Sauda, Futures Express, Bazaron Ka Haal, Traders Hotline, Tax Guru, Chai Par Charcha, Markets Top 20, etc. Each programme is meant to target and attract a different set of audiences. Corporates, policymakers, businessmen and working professionals consider CNBC Awaaz as the most authentic source with its eye on India’s business environment. Advertisers can easily reach out to the right audience in the first place advertising in this channel.

CNBC Awaaz has launched an exclusive programme called ‘Pehredar’ which addresses consumer grumbles across all sectors and help them solve their problems giving them justice. The core idea behind ‘Pehredar’ is to enlighten and encourage the citizens of India to become cognizant of their rights as a consumer. Also, the channel showcases finance-related news covering everything from insurance to mutual funds to stock markets, in a very interactive format. With a special focus on retail market, the CNBC Awaaz channel will have programs that talk about diverse products and services.

Thus, CNBC Awaaz caters mainly to the end-consumer, who may not even be associated to any industry or business, and whose primary linguistic of communication is Hindi.

CNBC Awaaz Contact Details
Contact Number – (011) 41506112 -14
Address – NETWORK18, TV 18, India Ltd. 503, 504 & 507, 5th Floor, Mercantile House, 15, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110 001

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  • Hi, Respected Sir/Mam,
    I wanted to know about share market.
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    please suggest and teach how to Invest in share market.

  • sir good evening i have watch ur channel properly i want a phone number or e-mail id of ur share market expert named ANAULI RUPALI
    iam big fan of him
    thank you

  • pls guide me about irb infrastructure because since 5 monhs I have hold it & has been too much loss so kindly help me wt I will do now hold or sell

  • small investers have the maximum risk to invest at the heavy fall on market so plz stay same more time before investing your money at this time

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  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I was trying to find out the “PAHREDAR” program link where common man can register his/her complain against the cheat and fraud and misconduct done various companies representatives on the name of “COMPANY POLICY”. My complain is about the IFB Washing Machine which I bought around 2.5 years back and the warrenty for the same has been expired and in those 2.5 years it has been observed several minor problems which has been rectified the company representatives and it was very pathetic service given them.Now i have got the “door hing” of the machine broken and I removed the same and took it to the service centre of the IFB at “Hazratganj & Tikaitraitalab” in Lucknow (U.P.), India and at both the places the service centre owner told me that he has the spare part but will not sell it to the customer even after showing the bill for the machine and it was stated as company policy that no spare part will be sold to anybody.On this I asked for the written policy,which was denied the owner of the service centre because the workers said they were not autorised to give any written statement. I was challenged to go to any consumer court and was threatened to be thrown out on asking for the reason of misconduct.They say that only the company sponsored mechanic( Service Engineers) will come and do the job for which they are asking unneccesary money.Please suggest me what to do in this situation.
    Thanks& Regards
    Vivek Jaiswal



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