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  1. Manoj Kanojia

    This is the time for entire Indian to give your valuable support to Mr. Anna Hajareji with dedication to make India free from corruptions.May be this is your last opportunity to participate in fight against corruption and feel proud.
    Vande Maataram

  2. Sunil Kumar Dogra

    Charmers and magicians are continuously casting magical spell from inside Rajasthan Police Force. I, my friends and relatives have been suffering for more than six years. Already reported the case with Delhi Police. What I believe is that they have murdered not only my maternal uncle (Nanaji), but many people nearby me. Please help me, I am in urgent need. Moola Ram, Dayashankar, Vidyant Mishra and Jagatpal Sharma along with his friends are taking full advantage of Rajasthan Reserved Force (Ghazipur, New Delhi, India) without caring for any legal proceedings and constitutional laws. What I believe is that they are looting people from here and grabbing ample amount of money from them and have strong association with dacoits and murders. If you have any review, please revert to me with some help.
    Sunil Kumar Dogra.

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