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  3. Dheeraj

    Hi i Connected to Airtel Broadband and thinking to have some news live and found this through Google it is really bad see the bizar at mumbai thanks for the creators of this website and the efforts that are used to implement this Thanks

  4. musheer

    I watch ndtv 24 regularly.but today i lost satelite signal and i was very eager to watch Dr Zakir Naik prog on walk in talk.but i missed it and my network connection is slow so i could’nt watch live tv properly so i request the ndtv to broadcast Dr Z.N. programme in future.thanks

  5. selva

    Hi NDTV,
    YOur english is very good.
    I am an NRE, in the USA. it is great blessings to have your tv online. it is gorgeous, upto date and sharp in news and reviews.
    i am happy that i could watch your tv online.
    But please don’t spend much time over cricket?

  6. Shazina

    Dear NDTV india,

    I wated to comment on the latest condition of the indian railways.since this happened to my family and me last night.We live in the smal otwn of aligarh ,where the garib rath stops for only 2 mints.inintally the train was due to come from delhi andit was laready 5 hrs behind schdeld.Now when it inally arrived at 2:00 am after 5 hrs of wait ,you just will not beleive the audacity of the ticket collector and other people in the train .All the doors of the train were locked and we kept banging on the doors but no one opened ,we scremed to the people to pull down the chain ,but no one helped.nobodycame to help us ,people were awake and moving about in the train but nobody helped and finally the train left.I really want ot bring this to the notice of our railways minister ,but i dont even know if i am posting this to the right website even…hope you guys can do something aobut it.Yours is the only channel i am wrtiting to coz i fell some kind of faith that u guys might help or bring this to everyones notice .Thanx.

  7. S.Nair

    Hi NDTV,

    As an indian origin staying in Malaysia. I love to watch your English news on 24/7 especially the latest updates, debates, and bollywood news.
    But please give us an updates on southern films industry too. Anyway I am happy with all your presention

  8. rafiqul hannan

    names of ur news anchors blicks for so short that difficult to read. ur team presents excellent news; their pronouning is captivating, but we need to know each presenters. ur attention drawn please. thanks.

  9. S.L.Kaul

    Respected Sir, The Copenhagen meeting of big nations had attracted my intention for a long time. Finally when it came to a full stop, I realised that we in India are not serious about the carbon emission, global warming etc; because when I see the smoke comming out of the Industries and factories in the residential areas of Faridabad alone, I feel , the smoke emitted out of the factories and cars etc; around the world must, when put together, mean disastrous. Some thing needs to be done

  10. Subrata Datta

    I rarely watch NDTV these days. Firstly the channel is not very professionally presented.Then news is packaged with an eye on the TRP. I do not like the male news presenters manner of dressing. They are Indians sitting in Delhi why they must be wear suits and ties. Vikram Chanda puts me off completely whilst Vasu is more palatable if he appears in open shirt which he does at times. Barka just doesn’t know when to stop talking and lastly in any one hour ad time is never less than 20 minutes which I find is high. Why must I pay to watch ads.

    Subrata Datta

  11. vikas

    i am realy happy and thankfull about this facility it,s really good.. it cares us and being updated us it’s a good experience watch ndtv live with good picture quality through net. some times you have load of work and you are away from tv then u can watch ndtv news and can complete yor pc work simultaneously.

  12. tariq

    i am from kashmir love towatch ndtv 24×7
    but at times u are haiding the truth .we did not c anyn thing 2day
    it is very disturbing at some places in srinagar and sopore. 2 to 4 peoples died many injured but ndtv not showing any thing

  13. shailendra kumar

    Not impressed with the coverage effort made by various channels of the coverage of DHONI WEDDING.Am DISMAYED,ANGUISHED &SHOCKED to see the media and police being provided food and shelter by a small family close to the resort where the event took place last night.DHONI you are a creation of the media and you can not be so callous in your ways with them. Learn to be more HUMANE. You have a long way to go.A little thought in providing food and shelter would have earned you free multi fold BLESSINGS.

  14. shailendra kumar

    Kidly keep the message in circulation please which I posted regarding wedding of DHONI a couple of minutes ago.In case you send comments on my comments would be obliged.

  15. Vijay Patwardhan

    In am an ACUC International Scuba Instructor, located at Thane and had a vast experience in training in life saving of more than 27 years.

    I wish to extend my life saving experience for training Mumbai fire brigade and police and also guide for safe water entry during vacations. Vijay Patwardhan +91 9821176698

  16. R.C.Yadaw

    N.D.T.V. is serving very much great to the country by providing right news by their free news channel. I am personally very much grateful to NDTv. Thank you ndtv

  17. Venkat Krishnan

    Being an NRI in Sydney I always enjoy watching NDTV day in and out.
    Even though I am in the other part of the world still I can get see
    and hear all the news live.

    Thanks a lot for all the staff members of NDTV.


  18. R Srinivasan

    We should all join Anna Hazare in the fast undertaken by him to fight correuption. Even a day of token fasting by a few hundred people in each city or town will show the politicians that India will not tolerate their rape and plunder anymore. I would request NDTV to announce an SMS number to which we can send pledges to fast for a day.This forum can be used to announce venues in any city where a leader appoints himself to lead this effort.

  19. Dr.V.S.Pushpangathan

    I regulalrly watch NDTV.Iam happy with AnnaHazare and I admire the movement.I findout news reporters asking the common people which is nice.But why dont you ask the leaders of major political parties(like BJP,COM AND CPI-who were making hue and cry about corruption till date) about the possibilty of passing the bill in both the houses and reveal their real thinking.corner them to make a commitment to pass the bill.Then only the real mood of happiness and cheer which is aired now will be friutful.Dont let it go like the usual indin mood of initial enthusiasm and then fading without fulfilling it.Hope the NDTV will throw open the mind of major politicians

  20. R Thomas

    NDTV, trusted and supporting news channel to Indians all over the world.
    I support Inda against corruption movement from abroad, NDTV is the media. Pls. compel all ruling and opp. ruling politician to commit for the Lokpal bill and its emplimentation

  21. pmgkpanicker

    while watching your t.v b.p will increase because presenters tone is like that something is going to happend. it is also observed that the chanel is now provocative one. as such so many inteligent peoples are not looking your t.v. as far as i know. i observe that unnecessary coments are being passed by your presenters instead of showing real positions

  22. prem

    Its a pro congress channel. It shows much of the news in favour of congress. By watching this channel it seems that some ministers of congress are runnig this channel. News channels should not be partial.

  23. Parshant Kumar

    The body language of Mr.Jagdish Tytler in his interview in news shows that he is hiding the facts about his
    part in KILLING OF SIKHS in 1984.” Sachai chup nahin sakti banavat ke asoolo se ,kushboo aa nahin sakti
    kagaz ke phoolo se”

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