News 9, Live English News TV Channel (from TV9 Kannada), Bengaluru, India

20 thoughts on “News 9, Live English News TV Channel (from TV9 Kannada), Bengaluru, India

  1. Shrikant

    Hi, I like ur channel’s progrms but i want to get some more from ur channel. example i want more and more sentence on the screen which are prounounced by the explanator which helps us to improve our accuracy of spelling.

  2. balaji.k.r

    dear sir/madam,
    my father in law he exexcuted the govt work in the year 1998 . from 2000 still today we can’t able get the money from the govt . since from 10 years we are following up and we are paying huge interest for the amount what we have invested in the project .please do the needfull ASAP. atleast if we get the money we can clear the credit with the interest and at the old age let him lead peacefull life .they have 3 daughter 1 daughter has got married two are unmarried .

    please help us


    kaliappa: 9742753619

  3. R Murty

    Your channel is doing a lot of good by highlighting issues that are making everyday lives of Benguluru residents difficult. Can news9live create a feature on the rampant shacks that come up with complete disregard to rules and regulations on the pavements and along the roadside. These shacks are the biggest root cause for many other problems like lack of pavements for pedestrians, filth and garbage , dog menance, hygiene , irresponsible and random parking by people who use these shacks causing avoidable traffic mess. I live in whitefield and the mess created by these unauthorised and illegal shacks is there to be seen.They even have damaged public property like pavment slabs to suit them. This is like cancer and needs to be stopped immediately. Wonder where the BBMP officials , corporators, police are and what they are doing. Its a shame to see police patronizing these illegal shacks while people cant walk properly on pavements and traffic jams pile up.

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