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  • ennangha sir ungha tv layndhu orae ketta, newsa heared aaghutdhu, ponsago bournsarsgoes sirs phosphorush bomb potta tdhan bird insects in human bodes parts ellam burst aaghum pola

  • mci india is takinf NEET entrance for mbbs admissions in may 2012 which willbe based on 11 th and 12 the cbse syllabys. But students now in 12 th in maharashtra which will be appearing in may 2012 have already studied 11 th and 12 th state board syllabus . so injustice for them to give the above entrance based on different syllabus.

    Maharashtra state govt should have taken some action at least for this year, but as usual it is slleping.

    It is my request to star maza to do somethig

  • Aim very interest to see the sindu bayrawi teledram could u kindly sponsor to online it. Very use full me thank you

  • N Ramesh 4 years ago

    Respected Sir,
    The downloading of news takes very long time and abruptly stops, to understand connectivity, it is very hard. kindly look into the matter rectify, it will help people abroad to appreciate and know the development in their particular state from India

  • sandeep koul 4 years ago

    Dear sir,
    This is sandeep koul from J&K Jammu Presentlly working in APA ie Associated press of Asia as Reporter,and i want to work with ur channel for J&K as a reporter .
    hope for reply

    with regards
    sandeep koul

  • you are a full, first how is editer, Is a mental, breaking news flased the news election news

    blode full you how recived money iam a indian

  • Ramamamoothy 4 years ago

    thank to raj news. please update news quickly.

  • jabir ali 5 years ago

    I do wathc your news channel sometimes but today i am very upset while read the news lines, it says Bangladesh banned facebook because of Mohammed cartoon. It will better if the word Prophet Mohammed is used instead of just Mohammed. The news channeel need not to be so biased if it is intentioally if its mistake i would be grateful if you correct same before hurting more followers of Islam.


  • rajabenadic 5 years ago

    thanks for your broadcasting raj tv. but i cant hear the sound from the channel. please rectify it. thank you
    raj united kingdom