19 thoughts on “Samaa TV, Live Urdu News TV Channel, Pakistan

  1. syed irfan ali

    Jasmeen and Fariah Idrees programme is very good i suggested to all assembly member seas the all account and factory and other assets auction due to player or Births policy due to Hongkong 100 years qabiz. Pakistani all member of the raise in Pakistan. Tamam member of assembly or dahshat garton sa kaha jay k wo gareeb logon per bom na jalan balka essembly per bom chalan ta k un logon ko bhi pata chala k mout kya hoti and or agar kisi garab k ghar k chirag gull ho jay to us ki roti rozi k kya hota ha ya log apna logon ki madad ka bajay bhar j kar madad mang raha han Zulfiqar Mirza sa kha jay k ap na to kha tha k my garib logon ki madad karonga to ap bahar logon say madad k liya kachkool la kar chala gay ho apni factories or tamam jayadad apna mulk may auction kar do or logon ki madad karo. baqi bad my hoga.

  2. kamran

    well i want to divert the attention to all tv channel, ragrding road accidents, please give coverage specially on bikers, how do they run their bikes in rush traffic, some of bike and motor bikes are with out head light / indicators / back flesh light… how do they cut to traffic? most of the ppls bikers run with their family and it causes for accidents ,,, no one see that time, who made the mistake..

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