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  1. It would be better if the host( read Sagarika Ghosh) doesn’t try to be the centre of attraction and allow the panalists to finish what they are trying to say. Please show respect and patience to people you invite.

  2. Please dont show anything that will be misused the terrorists. Please show some responsibility towards the city instead of just gathering masala news.

  3. i dont understand people r sad and criying about lost lives and these news presenters are reporting with smile on faces,like reporting a bollywood news or live cricket match. verry poor reporting bring more experienced news presenters.

  4. we are thankful for the coverage which gave us every detail of the news… we will be happy if the background music will be less audible when the headlines are read as the music is domintaing the voice of news reader.. thank you

  5. You have given coverage about austerity in all its facets pertaining to 5* hotel,air travel economy class etc.I wonder you will care to air what the babus ie Addl Secy (IAS) have done to their oay scales as Puja bonus.They hiked their pay from 37 K TO 67K permonth in one shot. 30 housand is a great austerity for them in these difficult times to take home as Puja gift.Tha Armed Forces are yet to get any thing but the babus must have their pockets filled.May I plse urge you to debate this in an apt manner.

  6. Hi

    I am arulvendhan. i am using dish tv service. every month i paid 150 packgage but here is no avilable cnn ibn channel..what i will do there is no any alternative…

  7. nice necessary debates kindly focus on Educational system in India which carries towards only MONEY and FAKE ECONOMY.. Bring back our OLDER SYSTEM OF EDUCATION with MORAL VALUES could make this country back to the CULTURAL HERITAGE but it may take 4 to 5 decades unless otherwise we try now itself INDIA could be SAVED… Our COUNTRY is currenty affected FORCED ECONOMY which HAS BEEN KILLING OUR OWN RESOURCES BY ALL ASPECTS..

  8. I am Dr Manjurul kadir, working in Bangladesh Agril. Research Inst. as senior scientific officer. I had been in ICRISAT,Hyderabad, India for 2 month.During my staying there, I watched this TV Channel every day.After my return, I can not enjoy this from my country.Would you please inform me how can I able to watch the TV channel from Bangladesh.

  9. Dear Sir / Madam,
    As we all are aware, the Nilgiris is a soil erosion land. In 2009 also people were affected very badly due to the landslides in the area. Like wise, the entire of Niligirs is unfit for any further construction of any nature.
    Due to developmental activities large areas of forests have been cleared in and around the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. More human habitation has resulted in largescale road laying that connects even remote forest areas to the nearest urban centre. Construction activities like road building have unleashed widespread landslides and slope destabilization. Construction of the Kabini reservoir has submerged the valley between Nagarhole and Bandipur.
    The rocks and boulders that make up the hills are held together soil. When trees are cut down, their roots are no longer available to hold the soil together. A heavy rainfall is sufficient to make the rocks and boulders come hurtling down. Tea and vegetable plants are totally inadequate in preventing landslides.
    We must understand and remember that once the balance of nature is disturbed or destroyed, it is beyond man’s capability or capacity to stop or prevent the disastrous chain reaction that will be triggered off destroying the entire human community.
    I wish to bring to your kind notice about certain construction bigwigs in the Nilgiris. Construction work is going on in full swing in coonoor Bedford, Brooklands, Kottagiri, Ooty, etc areas where chances of landslides are very high.
    I hope that you will carry out a detailed inquiry in this regard and do the needful.
    Awaiting for your kind and positive reply as only media has the power to awaken and enlighten a nation.Construction Erosion Although erosion on construction sites often affects only a relatively small acreage of land in a watershed,
    it is a major source of sediment because the potential for erosion on
    highly disturbed land is commonly 100 times greater than on agricultural
    land .Erosion and sediment damages occur both on and off the construction site,
    and all of society pays for the destructive impacts.
    One of the effects of erosion is the changing of the landscape. Where millions of years ago there was a wide field, now there may be only a narrow one for the river has carried off much of its soil. Much of the carving up of the landscape is done water particularly rivers. A river is formed when rainwater collects in a high place such as mountain or a plateau.
    Abstract: The soil erosion from land areas can significantly causes damages to the terrestrial habitat and … using the data collected from the Soil Testing Laboratory and Soil Conservation Office at Ooty and. Coonoor.
    I Remain.

  10. hello sir,

    since 3 years,i’m watching cnn-ibn,it supposed to say that i aware of all the scams which birth in our country from this platform.i confidently said that you are the eyeopener of several indians who blindly believing their politicians….,your part(coverage) for our country’s development is an essential one,keep on doing this sir……

  11. I fully agree with Anubhadi and Pradeep. Most of the times News channel hosts dont allow guests to express opinions fully. Hosts tend to talk more than invitees. And the questions posed to invitees also appear to be choosey and not not asked with same intent. This appears to be more obvious when leaders of BJP are invited for discussions.

  12. The Host of Face the Nation,(Sagarika Ghosh),

    The debate on 26/5/2011 10 P.M Concluded with utterance of the word (Stupid) from Mr. Mani Shankar Iyer because of interruption of his view (for once he was at best gelling with the public at large’s view) was ugly. Media should never force its view for some pecuniary advantage to show for or against but to be true to Indians interest and should not derail on their duty to act as the fourth pillar of democracy.


  13. All is not well with Ramdevji’s intetions in seperate aggitation from original agtation started Annaa Hajare.This Baba is very ambtious and hides his real aims.EVEN WHEN HE TALKS OF LOFTY IDEALS BUT HE IS NO SAINT AS HE IS MADE OUT TOBE.HE HAS AMASSED WHEALTH OF SEVERAL CARORES UNDER TRUST IN NAME OF PATANJALI WHICH HE RULE WITH HIS CRONIES WITH ONE FACE OF IDEALISM FOR PUBLIC AND WORKING FOR MONEY POWER THROUGH YOGA & ARURVEDIC PRODUCTS FLAUTING NO OF GOOD MANUFACUTRING PRACTICE IN GROSS VIOLATION OF LABOUR LAWS. HE ASKS all his supporters in his inner circles to change their surname so that their community back ground.He petronises a perticular community in his business. If you veryfy real cast of all owners of his So called Seavkendra all over INdia, you may find one perticular community has hold over his business of Ayurveda medicines which are not chip or affordable many.He is shrud trader and marketing man under cover of yoga and lofty idealism.
    Prakash kumar Balekundri

  14. the channel is pro congress. in the ramdev episode you(rajdeep sardesai) wanted to brand everything in orange as communal. why not brandish whites and greens also as communal. is secularism only to be practised hindus? why no social agenda is supported any christian/muslim? only when their mosque or church is the main issue they voice strong protests. even the supreme court had cowed down to the pressure of christian groups and modified the verdict in stain’s murder case. the root case as was observed earlier is of conversion which is still being resorted to the christian groups, more so in tribal people in orange robes do not have any right to raise any social issues which will benefit all be it christians,hindus etc.Media should be more sensible.

  15. News Channels please don’t spread all false news that gujarathi communnity was targetted.People who had died & injured were of all communnities & common men.There was no attack on any commercial buildings the blast was carried out on the roads .Dadar,Jhaveri Bazar ,Opera House are resided all communnities & only a few gujarathi people reside there so don’t spread all rubbish news & instigate people.

  16. beleave me i’m back .i give you live detective test .i chalenge all over the world any test i give you.because the first in music histroy a king of pop is back.dont think lightly.i’m new vedio is cooming soon in you tube.belive me i’m

  17. The cops caning the truck driver, other car drivers & passengers on the Pune Mumbai haghway needs to be identified and caned publicly to teach them not to resort to such actions in future in the name of law & order.

  18. the congress govt is behaving in an autocratic manner.they r the ones ( in fact all the political parties)who will benefit from corruption.anna hazare is a lone crusader.the very attitude of the govt shows that they want corruption to grow.if all hindus r communal what about all christians and muslima? there is no single christian priest or muslim maulvi who has joined the campaign against corruption? the benefits r for all but the brunt has to be borne the hindus? why doesn’t media come openly with the deplorable attitide of these people? or is the media hand in glove with the govt?

  19. I think she and people on this channel seem be the most corrupt.
    I am seeing a show where Sagarika or her boss has arranged 5 guys I have not seen, talk against what Jan lokpal stands for, along with her. And a guy how seems to be unaware of the bills to fullest and trying to portray Anna is an idiot.

    I feel sorry for the five people who have been constantly bashing what Team Anna has been doing, and seemingly have been associated in NGO kind of work(cotton saree females with gray hair) have not accomplished in their field. Dont you feel you are acting too jealous.


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