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News18 India, formerly known as IBN7 has emerged as the top market players in the Hindi news genre. In the pursuit to provide high quality television viewing, the channel successfully presents the most appealing national and international news to every household. IBN7 was launched on 15th August 2006 with the main intention to create a discrete niche for itself in the Hindi general news category. The channel has acquired mammoth viewership owing to its compelling content and authoritative style of reporting.

Based in Noida, IBN7 caters to a wide variety of audience with its hardcore and recreational news. This highly acclaimed and credible news channel is owned and managed the famous mass media company Network 18. With an exemplar move in terms of television workflows and technology, the channel has set a new benchmark in Hindi News Journalism with its unsurpassed coverage and independent voice. Ashutosh is the managing editor of IBN7 while Rajdeep Sirdesai, Sandeep Chaudhary are the key persons of this channel.

On 9th November 2016, the Network18 re-branded its Hindi News Channel IBN7 as News18 India. Its key shows like Haadsaa, Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat, Hum To Poochengey, Top 18/Breaking News, Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar, Katcha Chittha, Bulletin/Ground Zero Reporter, cover story, Ek Aur Ek 11, Bhaiyyaji Kahin, Bhabhi Tara Devar Diwana, Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi, and Bhaiyyaji Kahin have been prudently planned to appeal to a wide variety of viewers to generate interest. Also, the channel broadcasts thought-provoking and motivating debate shows on various topics so as to attract, inspire and educate its viewers.

Over the years, IBN7 has won many awards and accolades including the prestigious Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards, ENBA, NT Awards, ABBY Awards and the Laadli Media Awards For Gender Sensitivity. IBN7 will endure to pursue award-winning journalism and offer its spectators a persuasive and unparalleled viewing experience.

IBN7 Contact Details
Contact Number – +91-120-4341818, +91-120-3987777
Address – Global Broadcast News, Express Trade Tower, Plot No. 15-16, Sector-16A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India – 201301

Email –
Official Website address –
Live TV URL link –
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Comment (147)

  1. I wanna thanks all ibn7 team. showing ur news channel , abroad.but now a days ur channel showing less news and more other things,
    many thankz

  2. thanks 4 ur ibn 7 news your analysis and comments with current topic is superb

    the debate of NSG is very good

    u cannot avoid advertisement which is main source 4 running the channel

    over all i am impress ur ibn 7 news

    thanks and regards
    saudi arabia

  3. I would like to thank IBN7 for this wonderful news channel. If I say this in hindi….yeh mere desh ki khushboo aur abo hava mere pass tak pahucha deti hai……..otherwise its very difficult for me to know what exactly is happening in India. I know there this is commercial age so lot of commercials we have to see still I am able to know how is my country now !!!


  4. would like to thank IBN7 for this wonderful news channel. If I say this in hindi….yeh mere desh ki khushboo aur abo hava mere pass tak pahucha deti hai……..otherwise its very difficult for me to know what exactly is happening in India. I know there this is commercial age so lot of commercials we have to see still I am able to know how is my country now !!!

  5. A Very Good Job done IBN7 Team, IBN7 Team & all other News channels repoter are also one of the brave men’s of the country, I salute TEAM.

    Good Work, Keep it up…

  6. pata nahi kab tak hindustan sarkar intjar karegi. Uske ke liye sayad itne logon ki sahadat bhi kam hai. Mera Un sabhi saheedon ko salam karne ke liye sabd bhi nahi hain. Yeh des hai veer javano ka.

  7. Hey All

    Yaha pe itna bada incident ho gaya hai aur yeh sub politicians
    khuch khas kadam uthane ki vageh jo shahid huye unke sath politics kehl rahe hai..

    jo aatank wadi pakda gaya hai usko torcher kar ke unke ugam stan ki puri jankari leke jo bhi isme shamil hai waha pe miletery operation karke eak hi waqt safaya kar dena US ne kiya ………………

    kya yeh kar payenge??

  8. what’s the hell is going on?

    yaha desh ko bachane ki baat hai or politicans apne istife de rahe hai.

    they need to do there job. jub kaam kerne ki baari aathi hai to politicans apne istife kyu de rahe hai

    need to investigate and take actions against terroriest

    bhoon daalo saalo ko….

  9. IBN7 ia an exclusive news channel, in general providing first hand exclusive news to its viewers. Thanks to IBN7 team for covering the Mumbai trrorist attack news promptally and bravely.

    Also thanks for covering post attack public openion about leaders of this country.

  10. Entry of RamGopal verma in Taj should be investigated because he and Vilas rao deshmukh must have got order from Underworld to make a film on it. They all are one. If i am not wrong bollywood and politics of Mumbai is run and governed Underworld only.
    I am very sure that Taj entry was an order of Underworld only.
    Few lines:-
    ‘Ab har ek ko Bhagat singh aur laxmi bai banana hoga,
    ek aur Hiroshima aur Nagasaki banana hoga,
    Dushman ko world map se hi hatana hoga,
    Kayar and buzdil netaon ko desh ke bahar nikalna hoga,
    174 (183-8)deaths ka hisab chukana hoga ,
    Defence minister nahi Attack minister banana hoga,
    sirf isee tarah Bharat Maa ki izzat ko bachana hoga,
    Bar-bar marne se acha hai ek baar hi maa ke liye marna hoga.”

    Mangan maran saman hai mat maango koi atanki,
    Mangan se shahid hona bhala ,ye hai padosi ki sikh,
    Agar dam hai bajuon mai,to chhin ke khana sikho.
    Are netaon,
    agar sachhe deshbakt ho to vatan ke liye mitna sikho.
    Muje to aaj ke ye neta,
    insaan nahi haivan lagate hai,
    Hindustan ki nahi pados ki aulad lagte hai.
    Yahan nahi milta har kiso ko roti kapda and makkan
    yahan to milta hai har neta baimaan,
    phir bhi kahta hai Mera bharat Mahan- Mera bharat mahan.

  11. Hi,Sir
    I am a student of mass communication and i want to do
    internship in ur channel as a reporter so plz contact me.

  12. hi this is mohammad mahtab from jamshedpur now in doha qatar,thx to all of you who provide this news in abroad realy i love this channel

  13. aare bhai kyon ladte ho jo sarkar banni thi vo to ban gai hai bus tum pol ka najara lo aur in netanon ko ladte dekho ‘ inko to apni kursi ki padi hai janta jaye bhad main. jab lion jungle se niklta hai to chuhe billiyan apne apne bilon main chupte hai
    manmohan singh is singh is king

    he is very honest man and desh ke liye sochta hai
    my requiest hai vote sahi neta ko do jo apka bhavisya ke bare main soche

  14. Congratulation and thanks for providing us complete news update and i feel this is best online channel which make NRI update about their country. KEEP IT UP

  15. Congratulation and thanks, I like this channel because this channel gives us online news away from home we can see latest happening in and around the world.

  16. sir i want to ask a question to mr .nitish kumarplease move bihar to industrilisation. invite big companey into bihar. i also ask a question ibn 7 to give news to village also no village news are seen into any news.

  17. well all comments r very gud but the comment of mr.pankaj a long poetry about our politicians n india is really very very gud.i likr it because it is truth.our whole indian system is currupted from bottom to can never finished in india.your channel is doing a good job.carry on ibn of luck for your future and for the future of your channel.

  18. एक बड़ी खबर

    १. जिसकी उम्र 45 सा २. जो सिर्फ सातवी क्लास तक पड़ा है
    ३. वोह भी जब इंगलिश 6 वी क्लास से शुरू होती थी
    ४. जिसने कोई भी कालेज देखा ही नहीं i
    ५. जिसने किसी भी युनिवेर्सिटी से कोई डिप्लोमा नहीं किया i
    ६ .जिसने किसी भी इंजनिअर से आज तक कोई सवाल नहीं पूछा
    ७. जिसने अपनी वेबसाइट खुद ही तिआर की है
    ईस विअकती ने किया है पायरेटेड विन्डोज़ को अपडेट
    जो पूरी दुनिया में अभी तक कोई भी न कर सका
    और सबसे बड़ी बात जो आपको बताना चाहती हूँ वोह है पायरेटेड विन्डोज़ को अपडेट करना.अगर आप को यकीन नहीं.तो आप आपने टीवी पे यह सवाल दुनिया से पूछ कर देखो तब आपको यकीन हो जाएगा .की आज तक .पायरेटेड विन्डोज़ को बिना माइक्रोसॉफ्ट के कोई भी अपडेट नहीं कर सकता .अगर कोई कर सकता है वोह है राकेश कुमार दादरा .
    नोट :पूरा विओरा सम्पर्क करने के बाद आराधना सिंह
    फोन ;01127631615 ,09968657696 ,09899134575 ,09250876979

  19. thanku for sowing ibn7hindinews chinal and thanks
    that.s very good for all indin for out of country
    they watch ibn hindi chinal

  20. thax so so much to ibn7 for show 24/7 news online, its reailly make good sance for people who work abrod and b in touch whats happening in INDIA, Great work !!!!!

  21. the best channel.IBN7 through we knows indian news. when i was in india that time i like to see news only on IBN7.and here as well,i like to see IBN7 news via internet.

  22. Hello IBN7, its an international level news channel we hindi news listener don’t have any new channel which is of world level.

    Kindly maintained the quality of the news and also of new reader.

    Prafull Shrivastava

  23. the best channel.IBN7 through we knows indian news. when i was in india that time i like to see news only on IBN7.and here as well,i like to see IBN7 news via internet.

  24. Hi All,
    This is a good news live channel and IBN7,thanks for a new newe update .


  25. sir ,
    we are live in church road, near singhra chowk, idgha road, (in church road )we are facing some problam regarding pashuwadh ghrah (sleter house).on this road mr, Dejail open mini sleter house(on this road )without any licences and MCD or Polices help this person bcoz he giv reshwat him. and many hotel person take without any tested meet supply on shops and restorents. many time we r complaint but not any action. we are request u plz help ……
    i ask u one Q? wat is the Image and value of supreme court order. regarding this sleter house.

    copy to aajtak news,
    indiatv news,ibn7news,sharatv news,and others news chanels….


  27. i like ur chennal but ab apke news me transpernty nahi hai.aap ka news chennal sayad congresh walo ne kharid liya hai ya apko dusra support hai isliye sayad aap unka support karte muje aish lag raha hai. mera koi party se lena dena nahi hai.

  28. sir/madam,
    we are the victims of false fabricated case without our knowledge the city civil court Hyderabad, has pass the orders in favor of criminals/land mafia, who used judiciary for committing the crime filing false case using fake fabricated documents as evidence(agreements) and using wrong address of the defended(us). on behalf of us the court has sold the NRI property issuing X party orders.( judiciary officers, govt servants, politicians and high profile personality’s are involved in this racket )
    we request you kindly highlight this crime and help us to get justices. we also request you to please inform if you need any relevant documents from us. we will forward the same after hearing from you.
    waiting for your positive reply.
    thanking you.

  29. The presentation on the Gadkari’s comments is totally wrong. The leaders on whom comments are made are elegible for such comments. The media has to present the news and analysis and should not form its own comments. The facts is that Lalu was used Congress suprimo (Remote control (She speaks only at the time of election and midea is presenting her at the time of election once in 5 years and no comments are taken on such issues like Mehangai, Energy shortage, Budget oil prises, corruption, Shashi Tharur issue and many more the protection is provided to Vedeshi power on the basis of power of money and once media is purchased no one can save the nation. The comments of Gadkari are taken in the spirit of the opposition leader and they have to be aggressive. Thanks that because of this he gets room on the channel. I suggest that the Advani Modi should also make such comments so that media will present such opposition leaders. The paid news making media should take long breath and think of nation. Think and we belive that the todays Walya Koli media will become one day Walmiki Rushi (written ramayana) Sooner it will happen it will save the nation to become affrican country.

  30. The role of media must be impartial. Look at the comments of Rahul Gandhi on Mumbai 26/11 attack that the UP jawans saved Mumbai. If the media is not paid news makers then why the issue is not made of that comments which were insulting the Mumbai, Maharashtra Police and Maharashtra. This proves that the media is partial. Why it is saving the Part of Gandhi Family(Videshi Ladake). Look at the issue made media speach at the time of Loksabha election of Varun Gandhi (because he is the son of Indian woment and not supported foriegn power and money. But think once again what mistake we are making weakning the opposition which is the important part of democracy. Why Lalu and the Mulayam voted like that why Bawal is not made and investigating journlism is making search of this to know truth to public. This is protecting the ruling Government. Why the comments at the oil prices issue where called from Soniya Gandhi live coverage is not made. It is that media is like dog taking side of Congress. The poor citizens are helpless and wacht the tamasha.Please Change and save the nation. Please Plese and Please do it before it is too late.

  31. dear sir

    I manoj (district secretary of press club of north bengal) working as a District Correspondance at NE Bangla T.V Darjeeling / Siliguri, want to be your part of IBN7.

    If you give me a chance to serve for your organisation, I am comfident to do the same.

    regards, manoj, siliguri dist. darjeeling 09832519739, 9434166819

  32. Plzzzzz show news abt Dharmsena also… its more imp. den showing abt pakistan match fixing its nt more related 2 india bt dharmsena news is more related 2 india
    that photage should also be checked..

  33. Itna bara scam ker rahi hai Humana People to People jis ko aap dekh saktae hai Humana people to people alert ya tvind alert dot com per jis ko main chata hu ki IBN vale cover kare. local adderess hai c 183 madhuban, preet vihar, dilhi 92

  34. humana people to people ke bare main maine voh web site khol ker dekhi jo sudhir ne likha tha. Parh ker dang reh gai.

    IBN 7 valon ne es sanstha ki heraferi ke bare main zaroor pata lagana chayae. es sanstha ka swiss bank main bhi account hai.

  35. IBN7 all team members hello 12.02.2011 @ night may aap ka ek programe dekha MUDHA jisko s. choudhary nay host keya tha IBN7 nay media ko hi katgaray may kadha kar deya channel history may yah pehali bar hua hai aasi transperancy ko mai pardeep gulia choudhary salam karta hai mai un host hero ko milna chata hu plz unka cont. no. or add.muzay bej dena or unsay kahana aap ka fan aap ko yadd kar raha hai electronic media kay pariti meray kuch vaham katam ho gay sirif or sirif IBN7 ka programe dekh kar meray HERO ko ek bar or sallam

  36. IBN 7 hindi news channel of india it is a good hindi news tv vhannel but many time i have seen there is ur advertise to invite the people who can be ur news reporter of the local area . can u give me some detail information how to apply for this . as i m an ex-serviceman and served 30 yrs in the central government and i have good command upon hindi language and english also i have some qualities like this now i m pensioner with good health and sitting at home without any work . NOW i m interested to be one of ur part to be a citizen journalist and for this what i have to do and i have computer at home pl tel me what i have to do and how to contact u channel. PL send me detail on line . my email id ur surendra singh thakur

  37. respested sir
    as our indian police all ready busy in solving mager cases is this not be a helping hand for them if small cases like mobile lost or blank calling or miss behave with cell etc cases to be solve private mobile operaters

  38. as our indian police all ready busy in solving mager cases is this not be a helping hand for them if small cases like mobile lost or blank calling or miss behave with cell etc cases to be solve private mobile operaters

  39. please give us international news more and more across the world, not in brief news or some thing like formal news,like what happened in the world a hots news (lagta hai ham log kisi gadhe ke mendhak hai, india ke bahar kya duniya men chal raha hai kuch nahi malum, is liya aj kal RT RASSIYA chainal dekh rahe hai gus takhi maf )

  40. Respected sir mai haryana se aapko mail ker reha hoo ki arkshen ki aad mai haryana jhok diya bhad mai.shriman g haryana mai jato ne bhari bekwas ki hui hai gair jat ka haryana mai jina heram ker rekha hai hum aapko wo video clipp de sekte hai jisme jat neta stage ke upper se non jat neta ko goli marne ka order ker rehe hai humari awaz ko sereaam debaya ja reha haipls aap hummari aawaz ko apne chhanel ke marfet uthaker in logo ki sechai samne lao to bedi meherbani hogi

  41. watch harbhajan singh teesra on you tube URL IS:- “” SPECIAL DELIEVERY for quaterfinals.

    Publish on the channel soon.

  42. I want to send some news to ibn 7 and i want share
    some news from my town,
    plz what the process sent me………

  43. bhrashtaachaar ke wirudh aawaaz nahi uthaana bhi apneaap me bhrashtaachar hai. isliye ab “dilli chalo” nare par amla karane ki jaroot hai.

  44. delhi police regester my F.I.R After 507 days injury was grivous & still no action taken because my inlaws powerful & my BIG MISTAKE I AM A MALE 28 APRIL 2009 my inlaw throw me out of house. PCR TAKEN ME TO SANJAY GANDHI HOPITAL & AFTER FIRSTAID ADVISE ME DON’T GO HOME NAHI TO DANDA NECHA SE DE KAR UPERSE NEKALDEGE. what to do. media is superpower on 14th i try to call aaj tak but..gentelman receve call from my wife brother from amerujala. know tel me in this condetion what to do. i visite humenright to delhi police high officeals.they beet me so maney time but no action taken against them. my wife misuse 2005act in the influance of my father in law mr m.p.banga. i reprsent india 5 time 3 gold 1silver, two time bravery awareded . i have all hard copy and audio c.d with me when they plane help me please i am in pain…..jai hind with regard
    pankaj(my english is not good)09990334747,09540334747


    THIS LAND USE CHANGE IN BACK DATE. AFTER AUTHORITY AQURIED LAND.registered a education samiti manoj. they registery there land to there samiti.
    MIS USE OF SCHOOL OR SAMITI loan amount maintain in fake bills. or current account they give d.d. of or take cash for account holders. .


    P.N.B. BANK MANAGER. BHASKAR. Or akhilesh sharma CIVIL LINE .BULANDSAHAR. LOAN ON THIS SCHOOL. SCHOOL IN GAUTAM BUDH NAGAR district but loan from bulandshahr..


    NARAYANA PUBLIC SCHOOL IS FAKE CHECKED THIS PROPERLY. there registration of school or samiti current account in which they deposit there d.d. drafts. or bills on which they get d.d. draft from banks. there all banks accounts

    E.T.V. REPORTER NARENDER.bulandshahr
    KARNAL TIYAGI Rastriya sainik sanasthan GAZIABAD.U.P. or others I don’t know names.
    P.N.B. MANAGAR BHASKAR, akhilesh Sharma, civil line BULANDSHAHR


  46. JAI HIND
    This is my request to your channel that I send you information or story on my end. Only know the detail from my self or my personals terms. I give fact news .if you cross checked you also find or observe more then me. I work as a free reporter. I don’t want publicity or anything against my news. Only want your response or increase my efforts with join your channel. Send me mail or call how I give you news. I work on crime or corruption only. It’s my hob. Every weak I send 2-3 stories. My story is not in proper way. You set it on your end. HIDE MY INDENTITY .my name, phone number. Email. Some times victims know about me or I face problems.
    With regards

  47. JAI HIND

    Why media or reporter misuse there liberty or terms. In bulandshahr.u.p. Some reporters use there contact for personal benefits. Making arms licenses. Interfere in police works. They are saying openly for there terms with some high officers. Like they are contractors of the departments. Main information or actions against act are turn in other way. Some selected persons are do there work. I give example of one reporter. E.t.v. reporter narender make the license of his friend’s sanjay or manoj. I am sure the documents are not as per rules. Because they are related from noida gautam budh nagar. On the other hand, license issue from bulandshahr. Second dabbu mittal (pidit manab newspaper) he is agent of high police officers. Kartoos newspaper name use manoj lalla babu choraha bulandshahr.
    Many others are same mostly peoples use reporter to there work. This situation wants change. If simple man goes to there work, the officers are not give response. More you see on your self or crosschecked.

    With regards

  48. Sir please i request to you, Show my Indain Cricket 20-20 International team in your channal. This is below:-
    Gautam Gambhir
    Virender Sehwag [v/c]
    Robbin Uttappa
    Yuvraj Singh
    Suresh Raina
    MS Dhoni [c]
    Yusuf Pathan
    Praveen Kumar
    Harbhajan Singh
    Zaheer Khan
    Munaf Patel

  49. sir mera nam rohit maurya hai.mai ek businessman ho. mera mobile number 9451133076 hai.plz sir mere se bat kijey mai english nahi janta maiup.key varanasi key sunderpur ka rahney wala hu sir in dino purey banaras me kai company aai hui hai jinka nam speek asia, ram servey, earn money hai inka offer hai ki 3500 rupaye do 2000 rupaye month payo 11 month tak dusari company kahati hai ki 11000 do 4000 rupaye month payo 11 month tak tisari company kahati hai ki 1000 rupaye do 600 rupaye month pao 11 month tak sir in company ka purey varanasi me dhoom machi hai kaya business man kaya government servant sabhi in company me lakho rupaye laga rahi hai ye company kisi bhi tarikey ka paisey ka wriiten proof nahi de rahi hai yadi ye company bhag gai to banaras ki earthvavstha khrab ho jayegi yaha ke local news paper waley chuppi sadhey huey hai sir plz kuch kijeye sir hum logo kuch samch me nahi aa raha hai plz sir help me apko kisi bhi tarikey ki jankari chahiye to plz sir mere mo. no. 9451133076 per contact kijey.


  51. First you decide whether your channel is for NEWS or for Entertainment.Because i am bit confuse with all Hindi news channel.All news channels are always busy airing salman ki shaadi, katrina ki suhagraat….anandi ko bachhaoo…and all such kind of stuffs.Second thing Hindi news channels never show any stuff from south, north east only north india.

  52. sir,
    kya 8th pass ke bacche ka enlish medium me padhne ke liye govt. school english, math, science ka oral, written, interview lega?
    jabki vah baccha narsari se 8th tak dusre school me english medium me padh raha hai? agar nahi to kirpya samjhaye enhe ki baccho ke bavishya se n khele?

    Pls help me& give answer.

  53. sir,
    kya 8th pass ke bacche ka enlish medium me padhne ke liye govt. school english, math, science ka oral, written, interview lega?
    jabki vah baccha narsari se 8th tak dusre school me english medium me padh raha hai? agar nahi to kirpya samjhaye enhe ki baccho ke bavishya se n khele?

    Pls help me& give answer.

  54. no one safe in pakistan,not even osama bin laden.every one is safe in india.even ajamal kasaab……..

  55. hi sir or madam
    this is nazia khan

    mujhe app ka channel sabse achha lagta hai but aaj kal appne reporter achhe nahi rakhhe hai special speed news mai sab fresher lagte hai or anchor sab achhe hai news app ki real lagti hai bas inhi cheezo ka dhiyan rakho

  56. dear sir i am heartly willing to go to any europian country and i am not getting the way to get a visa and work permit of any such country . and i also don’t have any idea from where i can get it? . is it safe to buy it through a job consultant . or embessy can do me avail plz show me the way . i’ll wait for your ans.

    with undivided regards

  57. To,the IBN7 Team of Management and their dedicated entire team.
    I would like to convey my Billions Of compliments for an excellent indeed proudly perfomance bout worldwise telecastfor UPDATING the latest happenings Domestric and around the world.
    My special thanx to IBN7.Iam proud to be an INDIAN.Keep it up.


  58. Dear sir ,
    kindly allow me ur mail id so i sentu one thing . acctuly i got lot of mail about lottry and loan offer andd he demand me money , so if u provide u r mail address i sentu all copy of those mail

  59. Hi,
    I m Shabbir Alam from mumbai i m working for colors viacom18, i need your help as i have been looted bag it today The India Group Today online shopping there r many people who r victimized this fraud company so if u people please help me in this matter and can put this news on air as its a serious matter at least others will be saved.
    if u air such frauds which r done on the name The India Today Group so its my humble request to you people please help me and others who r victimized.
    Thanking You,
    Shabbir .A

  60. dear IBN7 u r the best news chanel i like your transpirese hum aap ko ager koi news with video i mean with profe daena chahe toe kase du plz humko batae????

  61. you are expected to make awareness about the national heroes. but nothing is being done today’s media in this regards.. for example yesterday was the birthday of RAS BIHARI BOSS but any channel did not even show a sentence about him then what rights media have to show a full documentary of today corrupt leaders

  62. Hi,
    Here I want to share a image where we seen an Ghost image. Actually during the journey in the train one of my friend click his friend pic in his mobile…….when he saw the pic he was surprised bcoz there was a lady ghost in that pic. As a proof I am having that image.

    Kindly give me your mail ID where I can provide it to you.

  63. Jai Anant Jagannath Jai, I Surrender Dt.01.06.2011

    Dear Friend,
    The most important topic that almost all news channels of India discussing today is the topic of Bhrastachar and all the news channels are trying to save man from the affect of Bhrastachar. They are dragging politicians to their table, blaming them and quarreling with them saying that they are responsible for that and are applying all their forces on few political and executive Bhrastacharis where as almost all of them also have become Bhrastachar.
    Before trying to eradicate Bhrastachar first of all we have to understand what is called Bhrastachar? What is the meaning of Bhrastachar? Before discussing the word Bhrastachar I tell you the truth that words are only the medium of expression. Sometimes words fail to express one’s feeling rightly, still man has no other way but to take the help of words. To discuss the topic of Bhrastachar or anything in this letter if I misuse some words then please excuse me and try to understand the feeling what I mean to say.
    Bhrastachar is the Indian word which is made of two words such as Bhrast + Achar. Here Bhrast means slip away from and Achar means manner or dealings or attitude. Therefore, for example when a man becomes drunkard or attains prostitutes regularly we say that man has lost his way become PATHABHRASTA, not going in his right track, forgot his right way, and has become Bhrastachar.
    If we take actual meaning of Bhrast, then not only the politician or executives has been Bhrast, all including media people have also been Bhrast. In other words If we think only politician and executives have been Bhrast in their Achar, manner or behaviour then it is wrong. All including media people have been Bhrast in their Achar or behaviour.
    A man who is wise can distinguish him from right or wrong and can guide and serve people in right way and can save man from many things. They have less chance to be degraded because they are always conscious of (self prestige) the prestige of the self (God) within their heart.
    Among Politicians now a day it is seen that the percentage of policitians coming to Govt. are less educated, less wise. So, it is natural for them to be degraded, allured selfishness.
    And in the democracy in India the selfishness of these politician have been made them so rude that they can go to any extend for which the educated executive who have been there to assist them and guide them have become powerless and have become like them. Now they all have been called Bhrast (Sliped away) in their Achar (right Attitude).
    How can India be free from this Bhrastachar? Can it be free from Bhrastachar punishing some politician or imprisioning some executives to jail and applying forces?
    No my dear, no.
    If hundred Bhrastacharies will be punished, thousands will come and if thousands will be punished crores will come, in one way or other. If in one way it is checked, it is growing in other way. Through force it cannot be checked. Please see, the more this attempt is being done, in more big shape it is coming. It is in every cell of men in India.
    Then who can save India from this Bhrastachar? Has India the answer?
    Answer is,only wise man and with wisdom Bhrastachar can be eradicated from the body of man.
    Who are these wise men? What is this wisdom? Whom today helpless people of India will call wise and depend on them to save them from the Bhrastachar of this people in Power?
    Last resort of public in the democary of India is media today whom public expect to do something for them. Media everyday today speaks against Bhrastachar, against Bhrastacharies and brings politicians and executives to its table of T.V. and satirizing them and showing themselves before them as if they(media men) are pure, right and wise and not Bhrast, not Bhrastacharies.
    But the real thing is that the media people are more Brhast than anybody in the world. I call so because if mistake is done less educated or uneducated or unwise politician then it is excusable. But if media people who showing themselves educated and wise commit same mistake then it is called bigger mistake and it is not excusable.
    As I have said before that the last resort of public in Democray of India is media who can save the people from Bhrastachar. But if media people do not know what is Achar then they are not wise. Then how can they save people from Bhrastachar.
    Achar means attitude of a man. Media people first should know what is the right Achar (attitude) of a man and they should follow the right attitude and practise them in their work so that they can be successful in eradicating Brhastachar or else their attempt will be failure like Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba who are fighting against Bhrastachar but are attached with Bhrastachars.
    Let us discuss what is good Achar of a man, what man should follow and practise in his life as right Achar?
    Very simple it is.The word of God in His world is right and final. The right Achar or attitude is that Achar which God through his different incarnations has given as advice to man through his different devotees when the world undergoes this type of Bhrastachar.Lord Krishna is the incarnation who had incarnated in India.
    What ever Lord Krishan has told in Geeta as His guidance to Arjuna is the right Achar. He told it to Arjuna when Bharat was undergoing the Brhastachar of this type of present Duryodhan. With the guidance of Krishan Arjuna first changed his own attitude, knew the truth, knew the wisdom then fought against Bhrastachary Duryodhan and his vast followers, won the battle, won the war, got the peace, established the truth(love) of God on Earth.
    Krishna has not told this wisdom regarding what should be right Achar of a man to Arjuna only. He told to all man of the world. His guidance that which is in Geeta is the scale to judge what is right and what is wrong.
    One who follows Krishna is called Hindu. India is a Hindu based country, Majority of which is Hindu. But is India following instruction his God Krishna given in Geeta? Is India aware of the right attitude which God has prescribed for him in Geeta? Have they understood Geeta properly?
    No my dear no.
    So called educated Indian have only kept this Geeta in court chamber to swear in its name but have not tried to expose to people or guide people in its way. They neither know actually what God has told nor want to make people aware of it.
    Wisdom is the light which takes away the darkness in man and shows man right path which man improves in his Achar (attitude). Therefore in a function of RAVANAPUDI (burning of Ravana) we destroy Ravana with lights of crackers because the word Ravana wise means darkness which can only be oust light.
    As almost all people of India are away from the actual knowledge in Geeta, they are in darkness, not wise and it is natural for those men of darkness to commit mistake, to slip from the right Achar prescribed God. In other words wise fears God, so cannot become selfish rather look for the benefit of all whereas fools neither know what is God, nor fear God, so become selfish and do thousand mistakes for self interest.
    Who so ever will know the wisdom of Geeta, will of God for men in Geeta and practise that in his life is wise and that man with his wisdom can only fight out Bhrastachar from India.
    At present media has taken the task of educating people in India and media is the last resort of public in their hand which can give light to people, change the attitude of people, drag the people to right track and help God in fulfilling the will of God on earth.
    But are these media people aware of the will of God in Geeta? Are they aware of the instruction of God that is in Geeta which man should follow?
    Let us see what are the main instructions that God told Arjuna to follow and that we have misunderstood.
    Lord Krishna, whom all Hindus call as their God first of all, told man through Arjuna to worship only Him as God. He says that He is the Parmatama and so is a spirit. Regarding His address he said that He is the self seated in the heart of all the being and all men are His manifestations. He is in the heart of all beings and is the cause of all beings for their birth, growth and death. The entire universe is His body, His universal body which He has shown to Arjuna, as per narrated in Geeta. According to Him from which Paramatma men has got the energy to work and the Paramatma who pervades the whole universe, man doing his work can worship that Paramatma and can get the perfection (18/46).
    As all men is manifestation of God. If God exist in the heart of man and runs it then is not that body of man the body of God? So what so ever man do to serve a man, he should think that he is serving not an ordinary man but God because the soul in that man enjoying your service is nobody but God. It is the cause for which Krishna told man to do all the work according to his nature entrusted to him God in the world for the service of man with the consciousness that he is serving God because man is the temple of God, it is made God, lived God and is uncountable times superior to temple of stone and brick made men. In other word man should do all the work for service of man and dedicate all that work to God only. He should not think for the return of the work. If He will do so God has assured to take all the care of him. Therefore He has told “the man who constantly devote me will never perished, I provide gain and security to him”. But Man should have love, faith, belief, and patience on Him.
    The Second main point God has told is that man should not worship any other God except Him. He says the man who worships other God has lost his wisdom, has become fool. Man does so because he loses his wisdom for the longing for comforts of his son, wife and wealth. He cannot have the belief that all his family members are also son and daughter of God who will take care of them properly. He can never think that that which he thinks is to be his are of God and God will take full care of them. He never except the plan of God behind him and his family and does not wait with patience rather makes his own various plans and to fulfill them become impatient and for that he loses his wisdom for which he follows other God than Parmatama and follows their different ways and is lost. It is the main knowledge, main wisdom God has given to man through Arjuna. The God has clearly told that other Gods (demy) have no power to give anything to men. Whatever they think that they have got from those Gods are given Him and are temporary and those go away.
    Second main thing God has advised man is not to fall a pray to the flowery language of Veda that praise fruits of different activities (Karma Kanda) of Veda (2/44).
    He says man who are attached to only enjoyment of senses and wealth and allured the different oblation (Different Kriya Karma) of Veda never concentrate their mind on God so cannot get happiness. Here in this chapter also God has told man to do his work not for the fruit of it and to leave the rest to God.
    No where in Geeta God has told to worship any other God. Everywhere He has told essence of which is work is worship, not ringing bell, bowing down head, offering a coconut or gold and silver before an idol is worship. It is only ego of men. No where it is written service to an idol is service to God, but everywhere it is written “Service to man is service to God” and the man of whole world will accept it.
    Geeta is very simple. It has been translated in almost all languages. It is very easy to get into it. The guidance is very limited and very simple.
    Has Hindu understood the above two instruction God has told him? Has he the respect for his Lord in whose name he is called Hindu? Is respect to one means worshiping his Idol or portrait with incense stick or it means obeying his word in practical life? Is Hindu respecting his God in this way? Has he not been Bhrast (Sliped away) from his Achar or path or right way?
    No, Hindu does not love his God today. He does not love God Krishna because to love Him he has to have patience and to serve Him through man he has to do some sacrifice which is difficult for him, to serve Him he has to change his attitude which is difficult for him.
    He goes to other Idol God because they do not talk, do not respond. He worships Idol because it does not react where ever you keep it; whether you keep it under a tree where a dog make water on it or in a palace. He worship idol because it never react whether less you give to eat or heavy you give to eat, nastily you give to eat or beautifully you give to eat. Hindu worship idol because he can bribe it according to his sweet will. He does not worship God Krishna because it is not possible for man to bride Krishna. Krishna wants the change of attitude which gives first pains to man but happiness later.
    As man has adopted the system of bribing idol-God his nature has been bribing nature which is the main cause of Bhrastachar. Thus as Hindu is away from Krishna and his teachings, he is away from Achar (right attitude), he is slipped away from right path.
    Are media people who are the last resort of India who are said to be wise enough to control Bhrastachar having this knowledge or instruction of Krishna?
    No, they do not have. They have also lost the wisdom for their longing, for wealth like politician. For money unlike politician and executives they are also Bhrast and can do whatever they like for money, can publish whatever they get for money.
    If it would not be so then they would not praise the power of different stone temples and their deities. They should not advertise appraisal of different Karma Kanda of Veda. They should not advertise which gives priority to the future telling of Yotish where in the world everything is in the hand of God. They should not advertise which God does not want men to do. They should not strengthen the blind and wrong belief of men giving ads and praising them through TV. The media people have also been also like politicians and executives.They can do anything for money.They have been also Bhrast. As all common people including politician, executive and media man are Bhrast, slipped from the instruction of God, from the Achar of God then how India can be free from Bhrastachar?
    Question is can the men of media after knowing this have that courage like hero Arjuna to be selfless and give this light to people of India for the service of men, for the service of God?
    When Arjuna fought in the world, worked in the world with this light of God, Duryodhana with different Dhrama Guru stood as opposition whom the courageous Arujuna with the confidence in God in his heart fought them out. Can the men of media have that courage like Arjuna to do their job selflessly for spread of this light of God and can win the opposition that will stand in any shape and oust the darkness in them,guide them to right trac and bring them to right Achar? God knows.

    Divine friend

    Copy submitted to all news channels


    DHARM DHARM DHARAM. What is this Dharam for which all men of the world become so sensitive? What is this Dharam, when question of Dharma arises men become groups and start fighting, start quarreling, start killing human beings.

    A bad thing always prompts to do all these aggressive activities things like fighting, quarreling and killing. Is Dharam which we salute and respect from our heart so bad things?

    Dharam is not so bad thing. We have not understood it rightly, so we become aggressive in the name of Dharam.

    Dharam means Chetana, thought or philosophy on the basis of which man works to get happiness, perfection and God, the Parmatma in the long run.
    But all the philosophy, thought and chetana that men of the world today are following as Dharama are not real Dharama. Only those thoughts philosophy and chetana which God through His different incarnation reveals to men of the world through His direct devotees with whom He acts and plays during the period of His incarnation (during the period of his Lila) is the real Dharama. Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus and Prophet Mohammad are the examples of those incarnations.

    This Chetana which God prescribes to man elevates the man in all respects mentally and physically which man lives happily and becomes able to love everybody and love everything, because Dharama teachs love, Adharama teacher violence. Because Love is Dharama, Violence is Adharama.

    God as incarnation in different time with different name has come to different part of the world, different area of the world specially to that part of the world where Chetana or mentality or philosophy of man on the basis of which he was working is degraded to a greater extend and has taken the pain to elevate people and their consciousness or the Chetanas, which the real religion or Dharma which means love is established in the world and there comes peace for a long time. It happens in this world.

    Who loved incarnation Lord Krishna and agreed to follow His guidance or philosophy written in Geeta became Hindu and The Geeta become his main book. Who loved Incarnation Jesus and agreed to follow His teachings written in the Bible became Christian. Who loved Mohammad and followed His teachings written in the Quran became Mohammadan. The teachings of these teachers in the above books are the real rules or Dharama guidance of which are the same and universally true.

    Man of all religion, all community has forgotten the universal truth or philosophy which God has given them through different incarnations they are following rather doing just the opposite to what God advised them to do. I have taken birth in Hindu community. So it is my duty at first to open the eye of Hindu, to make Hindu conscious and to try to repair Hindu who has become Bhrast or is out of the guideline of God.

    Hindus love Krishna, accept Him as his God, and with pride declare themselves as Hindu( gives slogan saying GARABSE KAHO HINDU HAIN), but do they follow principles, guidance or philosophy of their God given to them through His devotee Arjuna and which is written in Geeta? Many Hindus end their life, read thousand books during the period of their life but never go through the book Geeta. Who so ever read it never understands it .To some educated Hindus if you ask about what is their main book which their God has prescribed them to follow then they will answer the name of Ramayana and Mohabharat.

    I firmly say that today there is not a single person in Indian or abroad who is called real Hindu even if he has taken birth in the Hindu Community. I say it because no one Hindu is now loving his incarnation, his God Krishna and no one Hindu is following his God’s main instruction written in Geeta, which with too much obstacles Lord Krishna has given to man.

    Let me discuss main points or main guidance of Krishna which men calling themselves Hindu are not at all following rather doing just against the guidance of Lord Krishna. Let me tell how Hindu has forgotten the way, let me tell how Hindu has gone out of the right track and how Hindu has became Bhrasta.

    The most important things that Lord Krishna convinced man is that he has rejected worship of other Gods and idols except the worship of Him who is the paramatma, the lord of the universe. It is clearly understood from the guidance which he says in chapter-7 in between verse 20th to23. Here in these lines He says that man due to his different longing, different wishes related to the attachment with his sons, wife, wealth, comforts looses his rationality or consciousness and comes under his lower nature for which he worships other God’s and idols other than Parmatma, the only God of the World. He says these types of worshipers have less intelligent.This type of different devotees who worship different God’s and Idol’s fail in achieving permanent peace and perfection or God because to which God they worship, those God’s have no power. Let us see what Lord God; paramatma does with these type of devotees. When these devotees worship god in different demi gods and idols, to divert these types of devotees from towards the direct way to paramatma, Parmatma immediately fulfills their same longing and develops their faith towards those demi Gods and idols and what wishes they get fulfilled from those Gods are really temporary things which goes away. Who worship other Gods gets other Gods not Parmatma, not perfection, not peace, not permanent thing but who worship Paramatama gets Paramatma and the things that is permanent.

    Therefore, again in Chapter 18th verse 62 Krishna Emphatically told Arjuna to take shelter only before His feet in all respects and told doing this he will get peace perfection the Happy Home.

    In Chapter 18th verse 64 and 65 Lord Krishna gives the emphasis on knowledge which He told to be the top secret is that Arjuna should surrender his mind and intelligence to Him, should become His devotee, should salute Him & worship Him so that he will get Him. He assured Arjuna that he should get God if he does so and only because Arjuna is His most beloved he is telling this top secret to him. Is Lord Krishna not right in doing so? The universe is His. He wants men should respect Him only and none else. Does, who is the master of the world, not deserve it? Ordinary Man who serves as a head of a family wants respect from all member of his family. Does God who is always alert and serving His people not deserve this respect from His people? He deserves it. So He told His devotee Arjuna to worship only one God and that to Him only.

    Lord Krishna had not come to tell this only to Arjuna. He is telling this to men of the world. Arjuna is only the representative of the men of the world; he is the medium through whom the God is telling His wishes.

    Is there any man calling himself Hindu today really loving and obeying Krishna, his main God, the real God of the world? Man calling himself Hindu today is worshiping other God and Goddess, different Idols and has forgotten Krishna. Hindu is today not giving that much importance to Lord Krishna as they should rather they are giving more importance to other gods with the prayer saying “no body is bigger than you” or “tumse bada na koi” which is not the truth. By saying so they are insulting Lord Krishna who is the incarnation of Paramatma and above whom there is none in the universe.

    Man has gone away from the right track, has become Bhrasta(degraded) .In the story of epic Mahabharat before fighting the Mahabharata war both Arjuna and Duryodhana had been to Lord Krishna to get His help before fighting the Mohabharata war. Arjuna invited Krishna to become the driver of his chariot and to guide him in the war and on the other hand Duryodhana did not want Krishna to help him rather asked Krishna to help him in the war giving all His (narayani sena) wealth.At the battle Arjuna got victory and Duryodhana got defeat.

    Like Duryodhana in the epic Mahabharata, man today is begging all properties to Krishna the Paramatama in the fighting (struggle) of life which he daily fights which appears like Mahabharata, which appears like a big war but he does not love to invite Krishna, the paramatma to remain in his side, to remain in his body which is like a chariot with which he fights.

    The great rich outwardly showy pundit Rabana, in th epic Ramayana of Hindu his hypocrisy, wanted to get Sita whose other name is Laxmi and who is the wife of Ram, the paramatma but he did not make friendship with Ram who is her master rather fought against Him. Like Ravana, man of the world today wants to get Sita or Laxmi or wealth whose master is Rama or Krishna or the paramatma, but do not make friendship with paramatma,not follow His guidance given in the Geeta rather is going against the will of Him. Am I wrong, to say that there is no Hindu in this world today?Man does so because he has no knowledge about the God.

    To know God is to get God. So merciful Krishna to clarify man has given the knowledge about who is He and where He lives and where and how He wants man to worship, so that man will get his grace.

    In different Chapter Krishna has repeatedly said His same address where man should look Him, search Him, serve Him and worship Him.

    In Chapter 15th verse 16th Lord Krishna says that He exist in the heart of all the beings and from Him man’s memory and knowledge is born and vanishes. In Chapter 18th verse 61th He says that He exists in the heart of all beings and move man under His illusion. As a man seating in vehicle has no freedom and driver of the vehicle can take him where he likes, like that all men are moving according to God who is in his heart. Who so over will take shelter under Him will get grace and can live peacefully.

    In Chapter 15th verse 8th the God says that an eternal portion of Himself becomes being and lives in the body of man. In Chapter 15th verse 10th he says that, that being which is an eternal portion of Him remaining in the body of man enjoys all the things with his different nature and leaves the body when the body becomes unfit, to go to a new body. He call them fool who cannot know this knowledge regarding this soul.

    In Chapter 9th verse 11th God says that man of illusion, man of darkness (man who is mudha or foolish) does not know Him as the lord of all that exist in the universe and does not respect Him with the knowledge that He has hold the human body. Only careful Yogi can see the soul or God seated in his heart and in the hearts of other men.

    2nd most important things that Lord Krishna has refused the men to do are to follow Veda and its different activities of oblation.

    Hindu, who has promised to Love Krishna and follow Him and His guidance has today betrayed Krishna, cheated Krishna, disbelieved Krishan and for his selfish interest for his different longing for more wealth and power, following veda and its guidance and engaged himself in different activities of oblation of veda . Praisal of veda today is in almost all the cell of mankind. In chapter2nd verse42 paramatma through Krishna has again called this type of man as irrational or fool.He says unsatisfied man for his longing and to get heaven follows different system of prayer and oblations based on the karmakanda(rules) of beda and speaks of those act. In 2nd chapter verse 44 Krishna says that man who is allured words of different activities of oblation of Beda,who are attached only in enjoyment of senses cannot concentrate their mind in God. So in same 2nd chapter verse 45 He guided Arjuna not to follow Veda.

    Follower of Krishna is called Hindu. Is there any man in the world is called Hindu in the true sense of the term? Is there any Hindu loving Krishna and His guidance? No, therefore I am telling there is no man in the world is called Hindu. Have Hindu really today understood what Dharma that their God has taught is. Are what they really following as Dharma is Dharma? No, what they are following as Dharma is not really Dharma. They are fool. It is the reason for which they become sensible and comes down to fight when the question of Dharma arises. If Hindu have properly understood Geeta, they would have understood DHARAM, they would not have been aggressive, they would have got peace.

    Lord Krishna has not only refused to do all the system of worship which man is doing today but has also guided man about what he has to do as his worship, so that he will get blessing of God, can cross over all pain in this world and will get the perfection. Chapter 18th verse 45 clearly says it.

    In Chapter 13th verse 13th, it is written that As Paramatma exist in pervading all things and beings, all hands, legs, eyes, nose & ears of all beings are of Paramatma. In other words all men are the manifestation of God; the whole world is His Biswarupa (His Visual Body). Remaining in all men as the source of energy He is doing all things.

    So, in Chapter 18th verse 46 God says that Paramatma from which man has got power to work and that Paramatma who is pervading all over the universe, man serving man through doing his own work sincerely with the consciousness that he is serving not ordinary man but Parmatama, can gets the blessing of God and perfection. It means according to God work is worship, not ringing bell before idol, offering flowers and coconuts to an idol is worship. If we say “work is worship and duty is to God” then the heart of men of whole world will accept it as truth, but if you say ringing bell before your idols, photos, smearing sandal paste, offering incense stick to an idol is worship then only a community will accept. God is universal. That the whole world will accept as truth is really religion, really called Dharma and that which a group of people will accept as truth is a tradition of a community. It is communal. Universal is the religion.

    We do not today love Krishna nor do try to understand Him and His truth rather have accepted some communal thing as Dharma for which we are not getting peace, not getting grace from God, rather have developed the tendency to fight and are suffering a lot.

    So in chapter-18 verse 66 God said man through Arjuna to leave all religion or rules or ideology or thoughts that he has collected from Veda or from different man of the world as DHARAM and to surrender himself only to Him who is the soul and who is seated in the heart of all being.

    He assured Arjuna not to fear for any sin which if he thinks leaving all Dharam he will collect .He assured Arjuna to release him form all sin if he love and surrender only to Him .

    To love God is to obey his instruction or guidance. If one does not obey the instruction of his God then what ever type of worship he does offering whatever costly & earthly materials like sandal wood, incense stick, gold or diamond, he is not really worshiping his God. His worship is meaningless.

    In this respect Hindu has become a traitor to God. He is degraded. He is misbehaving his God Krishna.

    He is not only misbehaving Lord Krishna but he is also misbehaving those Gods whom he is worshiping in the shape of different idols.

    First of all let us agree that God has created man very beautifully and has given a beautiful face to him. But what Hindu is doing? Hindu is worshiping God in the shape of different idols most of whose faces are ugly. Take idol Ganesh for example. Would it have been better if God would have joint elephant’s head to the body of man? Would man have been beautiful if God would have done it? If not, then why man pray God in these ugly shapes. Is man not satirizing his God whom he is worshiping? God is not these idols but He is Parmatma who sits in the heart of man and body of man is His body.

    Secondly, the misbehave the most clever Hindu does is that he always wants to live in beautiful building with all beautiful accessories and comforts but he keeps his idols he worships under a tree, near a bridge, near river, in jungle and in many neglected place where even dog pisses (make water) on them. Where should one keep him whom he loves too much? Should he not keep Him in his heart? But where these Hindus are keeping their idols whom they worship as their Gods? Human body is the temple, God wants there to be prayed. Is Hindu doing so?

    Again when man eats he wants a neat and clean place and hygienic clean food on clean pot. But Hindu worshiping idols neither offer food to their idol Gods in good pot, not give systematically rather pure all varieties of food one after another before their idol Gods. Even Hindus love to offer food to their God on the floor where cow dung are smeared and which gives bad smell. If in this way man of Hindu will be given food, will they eat? If he will not eat in this way then how his conscience is telling him to offer God food in this way? Hindu is doing so because Hindu has become Bharsta, has lost the rationality. It is because he has become fool.

    Please think with your rationality about who is God? One who has created us is God or idol that we have created is God? Is who has created us is God or is whom we have created is our God? Really the soul in man’s body is man’s God with whose power man grows, works and man dies when it goes away from his body. Hindu has lost his rationality, is in darkness, and has become fool for which he has developed the ego in him. An egoistic person cannot bend himself. This is the reason for which man has gradually forgot serving God through satisfying the heart of man and developed to tendency to worship God in demi Gods and idols and tries to get excuse from God with the plea that he has not forgotten Him. Hindu has been betraying God.

    Among all community such as Hindu, Muslim and Christian Hindu community has been degraded, has been deteriorated to a great extent. Whenever God comes as incarnation He refuses to worship of God in different demigods and in idols and preaches to worship soul, paramatma that is in the heart of men. Christans and Muslims have at least understood this and stopped worshiping other gods and accepted paramatma as God. But what Hindu is doing? He has forgotten the right way. He declares that India or Hindustan is the most spiritual country but he has forgotten that he has really lost the spiritual insight. Spirit or soul in the heart is soft. Stone or metal idols in human made temple are hard. As hard metal and stone has no life it never responds. So men worshiping god in stone and metal have been hard at their heart which it is not able to behave man with soft heart, treat man as God’s temple. It is the cause for which he is fighting with otherman, man of other comunity for temple Ayodhaya.

    Hindu is fighting with the man in whose heart Rama sits, fighting with man which is Rama’s temple. Does Rama sit in the heart of Hindu only? Is he not the master of Muslim or Christian, if they call Rama in other name and in other language? What Hanuman teaches Hindu whom Hindu worships more than Rama today? Where had Hanuman Kept Rama? Did he keep Rama in temple or in his heart? Has Hindu understood it? No, he has forgotten the way, have been misguided in the long run.
    In Europe men were worshiping Idols before Lord Jesus came and there was no love among men. When Jesus preached against idol worship and sang the song of love, priests (Jews) and rulers whose interest was hampered went against Him and they were so hard at their heart that they could not recognized their god and crucified Him.
    Today in India Hindu has missed the way and is under the grasp of priests. God has once again taken incarnation. He through me is again reminding Hindu about what He had preached during his incarnation Krishna. I know it will hamper the interest of many, so called priest like Ravana. They may go against me, against God. I don’t care if they will go against me as they went against Jesus, if I reveals and support the truth of his God and my God Krishna.
    In India Hindu has been misguided. Sadhu, according to him, means that he must wear a special type of dress with a special colour only, should have beard in his cheeks, must have smeared sandal paste on his forehead, even if his nature is to cheat man, keep man away from the truth, even if his nature is to accumulate wealth and even if his nature is to illegally enjoy sex with women against her will or rape them in other words.
    Has Ravana of Hindu’s epic “Ramayana” not have this type of nature? Hindu respecting man of this nature as sadhu now and have become their followers.
    Really telling Ramayana & Mahabharata are the concocted stories which wise devotees like Balmiki and Vaysadeva have written to sing the victory and glory of God But with metaphor. Stories of these books are not true but the inside truth there in are true.
    According to me actually there was no man called Ravana in this world who was having ten heads as narrated in Ramayana. Think a man has two head becomes handicapped and weak. He loses balance of the body, then how Ravana who has been described ten headed became so strong in this world which the epic Ramayana says. He should go to museum. Ravana is the symbol of these above type of sadhu Who were there in this world when Rama came as incarnation. There was no women called Sita, whom Ravana had stolen, to restore whom Rama had come. The inside meaning of the story, Ramayana is that Sita means truth or Dharma or the real philosophy of God on the basis of which He governs all men of the world, on the basis of which man gets reward and punishment. This wisdom of God has been ornamentally or with metaphor narrated Balmiki as Sita. The religious teachers or priests, who are engaged to guide people in the way of Dharma do not reveal this truth, this wisdom to people rather hide this truth of soul knowledge or philosophy of God that I have narrated above for their self-interest because they know if they will tell the truth then their shop which they have opened will not run well and they cannot live because they know the way to live only cheating others. When these types of religious men govern people and make men dance and play in their hands then it is called the Raj (rule) of Ravana.
    When it hapens God, Parmatama comes as incarnation such as Rama, Krishna, Jesus and Mohammad. He puts his influence, opens the secret of these Ravana like religious sadhus or teachers, demoralizes them and establishes the truth, the Dharma in this world.
    Now, this is the condition of the world. Religious teachers who are in charge of guiding people towards the way of Dharma, towards the way to God again have hide the truth, the self-knowledge to people for their self-interest. Therefore, God, the Parmatama has again come to restore His Dharma, His philosophy. He came in the period when Hindu started fighting in Ayodhya in the name of Temple and forgot to respect human body which is Rama’s original temple. His work has been started. He is now opening the veil of priest and religious teachers like Ravana.

    ADHYATMA means ADHYANA of ATMA or in other word STUDY of ATMA or SOUL or STUDY of SPIRIT. India has ego that it is advance in ADHYATMIC knowledge and is a spiritual country but really it is neither a SPIRITUAL country nor it has ADHYATMIC knowledge. IT has already forgotten it. INDIA should be taught this SOUL KNOWLEDGE or ATMA KNOWLEDGE which is in its holy book GEETA, then only INDIA can get its entire problem solved, then only India can call itself spiritual country, then only India can get back its self-prestige which it has already lost.

    I am the messenger. The GOD has given this knowledge to me. So as service to man is service to God, I am giving knowledge to make Hindu conscious, to open his eyes. Who so ever will follow His guidance will be safe; will live in peace and oneness with god after life. Who for his ego will not follow God and His wisdom will not be in peace and will be defeated in his life. Let Hindu get himself conscious, get the light given in this letter and get the grace of God.

    Thanking you.
    Your Divine friend
    Dia Shankar Sathua

  65. To fight the oppressive rule of the mughals in South India, Swami Vidyaranya brought of Harihara and Bhukkaraya. Again Chagtrapathi Shivaji was brought up Swami Samartha Rama Das to fight the mughals. Since Congress party is supporting the Muslims out and out, this party is synonimous to mughals. So, one more sanyasi in the form of Baba Ramdev has come to fight the neo-mughals.

  66. In a press conference on baba the worthy Home minister made statement about security concerns,raising armed force baba and threatened baba saying let him do so,let him do so,let him do so…and challenged him. In my view it was simply an act to get cheap popularity.An person like baba may uttered words in lieu of protest againest the way govt acted in mid night against innocent people and baba,Govt. did not wait for dawn.The naxalites, maoists and mysoor dacco veerrappan raised arms and fought and still fighting againest govt.,where was the govt. when they raised arm and till date are, what govt did againest them killing thousand police men The persons died in these action naxas,moaists are from ordinary families and not from the families of any minister,M.P or M.L.A.The govt. should keep eyes open and act without delay if any such thing happened.Onlt from a threat from baba ,sarkar ke pyjama gila nahin ho jana chaiay.baba comment are condemnable,at the same time govt. should not act the way they did at midnight of 4th and 5th jun, such action more rebillion will take birth and jan jan jan sympathy will go towards these NGOS and not to Working govt.EENT se EENT(brick)baja dena dose not mean to revolt to govt. Till date lakhs time all political leader from congress,bjp,sp,dmk ect. raised such boggy slogans againest working govts, did all those govts finished.The govt. should act againest baba if he dose so, please do not try to play such political gimmicks and conferences. The baba was taking yoga classes and also making his comment againest corruption in his every yoga camp since last one year, was govt sleeping.Many congress,BJP, and from all other parties leader were taking part in his yoga camp was not seen Govt.and also MEDIA, why the boggy calls now.Why MEdia also used BABA to raised his TRP.Baba was hero till 4th june and he is anit national now.What a sad and sorrowful action Govt and Media

  67. Sincere advise
    Pleease don’t sellout your channel for petty gains. also dont get involved character assisination of people who are fighting out for our future convenience and better life. People of India are not animals who can be tortured and insulted any govt. or media. You r a news Channel and so your duty is to give news and not to heap your fantasies and foolish comments on the minds of this great country. You know This Govt. is grossly corrupt,insnstive shameless and a bunch of hardcore criminals who unfortunately gained power and now trying to destroy democratic values for their common agenda of amassing money and for this they are not atall hasitant to terminate anybody who tries to stop them. So for the sake of this Country and for its innocent people dont play in their hands

  68. Hi,

    This is to bring to your kind notice that i was on medical leaves
    which was informed to my reporting manager I have documents supporting

    Few days back I received a call from ER Dept (Ramandeep kaur) saying
    that my name has been deleted from the software. I tried to approach
    ER but have not received any positive response.

    I have been employed with Serco for more than 2 years & managing the
    GESBI process & month on month I was receiving appreciation mail from
    GE Client end (attached mail for your reference) & I have received
    young achievers award 2010 & now I am being treated like this.

    Request your support & intervention to resolve the matter as early as
    possible so that I can join back my duties at the earliest.


    Thanks & regards
    Savan Khan (Emp-15575)

  69. Aaj mai chata hu ki har koi is correpction ki ladie mai support kare agar aap nahi karte ho naa sahi correpection ko jitna badana chate ho badao bus mai ek aam nagrik hu aur mai chaata hu ki aaj tak jo purane case kisi bhi minister ke liye court mai chal rahe hai wo aaj tak unki saaja nahi buli hai sirf a raja ka aisa case hai jo usko abhi tak bail nahi mili hai aur uske alawa koi aur hai jisoko koi bhi sazza mili ho mai bhatiya mujhe is correcption se aazadi caahiye sirf
    Mai na kisi party se hu na kisi aur cheez sai mai sirf ek service class hu aur jo hamsesha chaiyege ki hum karke rahege aaj ki date mai kon sa state minister graduate hai ya unko kya knowlage hai agar aap rajasthan ki baat kare to pls chech nd goljha devi nd wo to saayad 10th phi pass nahi hai wo sirf apen liye MLA hote hai aur sirf paisa kamane kai liye minister hote hai
    Aaj mai ye har cheez har news chanel ko frw kar raha hu agar wo publish karna chaye to kare.
    Or as on date aaj ki date mai india itni progress kar rahe hai to aaj ki date mai hamare state ministers well educated kyo nahi hai aaj ki date mai aap up nd rajasthan ko exp le sakte ho.
    Aur jin logo par Legal case hai un logo ko aap MLA or MP kai liye kaise aaply kar sakte ho jab ki aap kisi bhi gov. job ke liye aap kahte ho ki uske upar criminal case nahi ho but aap ek district ki or ek state ki puri permission uske pass deto ho jo khud criminal hai.
    Aur in case mere saath koi bhi accidental ya aur koi problem hoti hai to state government aur national government responsible hogi

  70. is desh me congress sirf amir party h because inflation ko uper rakhana chahti h aur abki bar to congress ko bahar ka rasta dekhana hi hoga, ramdev baba ko prime minister babayege agar wo BJP me shamil ho jata h to ya fir Narender Modi ko prime minister banana hi chahiye

  71. congress ne armed forces ko be barbad kar diaya only officers are happy because they have upgraded their post but in down below there is to much shortage of manpower in defence, if war will declare that time know how many defence officer are coming to join the war, whatever has ask the defence officer, the congress govt has approved in in paper itself but they have not seen what is going on in field, becouse fighting inefficiency can prove in field, 80% officers after the rank of col, Capt eult in navy are unfit for the service if you will prove in field, they are the most crufted, only jawan of this country are sacrificing for the country. time will come when chine will declare war soon, the jawan are not happy for the officers promotions this will bad imp ration of the nation. because jawan are the fighting force of the county, officers are enjoying and erupted like sukna,(landscame) adharsh for flats of the three chief, govt should stop his pension, ration scam in j& k like this.


  73. Anna’s Fight is correct & must be supported entire country , peacefully , as repeatedly told Annaji & team members.Leaving aside all other issues major national party also should come forward & support the cause . This is true for both BJP as well as left parties. Govt should br brought to its knees , so that , our future generations is protected from all type of nuincenses .

  74. Sab political parties ko ek dusare ki khichai karne se behtar hai ke sab log anna ke saath jude to hi is masale ka hal nikal ne wala hai or anna ji ek criminal nahi hai to unko or unki team ko arrest kiya jaye ,agar sarkar ko thos kadam uthane ne ka saukh hai to mehangai ,bhrastachar pe ankush lagaye jise se lower &middle class people ko advantage mile.

  75. तानाशाही सत्ता के आगे लोकतंत्र कहाँ जिन्दा है
    आंसू भर-भर कर आज तिहाड़ जेल भी शर्मिंदा है …!

  76. Anna & ultimately India will surely win the battle in next few days , if same support continues for next 10 days . First head to roll will be of Delhi CM. All the best to team Anna.

  77. IBN 7 hindi news channel of india it is a good hindi news tv vhannel but many time i have seen there is ur advertise to invite the people who can be ur news reporter of the local area . can u give me some detail information how to apply for this . as i m an ex-serviceman and served 30 yrs in the central government and i have good command upon hindi language and english also i have some qualities like this now i m pensioner with good health and sitting at home without any work . NOW i m interested to be one of ur part to be a citizen journalist and for this what i have to do and i have computer at home pl tel me what i have to do and how to contact u channel. PL send me detail on line . my email id ur surendra singh thakur

  78. i need all the email.addresses of the news channels on my email so that i can share the informations.
    anupam bharati

  79. I want to send some news to ibn 7 and i want share
    some news in Hindi from my town Mandi Dhanaura,Disrict Jyoti-ba phoole Nagar,Uttar Pradesh
    plz what the process sent me………
    From:-S.K Paras

  80. Modi refused to accept cap from a muslim clarics.Media without delay starts debate on the issue.Was the matter so important neeeds urgent debate.No,it was only to enhance TRP.All political leaders have MOTI CHAMDI(skin)as per commented sandip chowdhery.I do agree and like to commemt that MEDIA has not only MOTI CHAMDI BUT ALSO MOTI BUDHI(dimag)who prefers to take a TOOCHA topic of MUSLIM PAGRI. Please keep up your standerd,do not act like favour to particular community.If want to countinue with the same apparoach , then wear muslim cap and countinue the toochi debate which will help to create hate among hindus and indian muslims.

  81. IBN-7,There is no doubt that your news channel is a good news channel,but i want to ask you that are you antihindu & anti bjp? because i have many reasons for it you always show that howmuch wrong things are happen in gujrat how much bad cm mr narendra modi.why u not tell to indian public that what is going on in jammu & kashmir.the kashmir people are getting most cheapest rate food & many other services which is generlly not getting other state people in country after that they are saying that they want to leave india.your most viewed news anchor mr Ashutosh tell him to do the discussion on good things like corruption in politics,what is secularism,oil & lpg prices,black money & tell to people right’nt be the supporter of cogress,madam ,yuvraj be a real news anchor we like ur show bt only when u show the right things

  82. sir, we would like to launch the IPL format matches in our buildings, we would like to invite the media….
    contact 66367735

  83. today democracy and judiciary ha s again won,at least one more THUG and POLITICAL CHEATER is behind the bar.Yeddy has met his fate and brought bad name to BJP.These political leaders from both Congress and BJP had number of cheater and history sheeter and they are proud of for the same and never thinks in real term of nationalism.Will ever a day come when they think to shun away such THUGS and HISTORY SHEETERS from their respective party.

  84. Respected Sir, I want to work in your news channel! Work of a good reporter and want to brighten your city! Sir How I can connect to your Chennel.
    Sir my address: – Rajneesh Kumar Gupta L. I. G. 60, Part – 1, Indira Nagar, Banda, Uttar Pradesh 210001

  85. Bharstacar ke birudh ab chahiya Netaji Subas Bosh Ke awaj par DILLI chalo.Our Sri Aurobindo ke awaj par ak hathha par Gita our dusre hathha me talwar pakoda.Ab jarurat he kuchhu bhagat singh,Sukhadeb our Rajguru.Aur joor se karnahe nara BANDE MATATRM.

  86. sir
    aap sab roj roj kuchh naye khulashe karte hai ,sabki hakit samne aa jati hai jaise ki abhi tatkal tiket ke dalalo ka huaa
    aap sab se nevedan hai ki delhi canatt palesh yani palika bazar se mai 2 pan drive kharida or 2 memory card kharida jisme company ka lebal laga tha lekin ondar keval kabhar tha or kuchh nahi tha ata aap sabse nivedan hai ki aaye din aase kitne logo ki jeb katti hai or oah kuchh nahi kar pate hai aap sab koe kubiya jankari ke davara aase kala bajari karne vale ko rokia ta ki janta ki jab na kate plese sir mere bato par kuchh dhayan dijia


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