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  1. Hi,
    This is Fasi uddin Mohammed from Copenhagen Denmark. I really want to appreciate about your website which are providing different channels with the good quality .

    My request is with you if you can add Etv Urdu channel in your list it will be very good because being away from India if we see this channel we will get all the local news in it and different programs

    so hope you will add this channel Etv Urdu form Andhra pradesh India

    Thank you


  2. please i requeste your team members
    spl focus for CKD problems facing so many peoples in india please TV5 Teams please help to CKD problems facing members Treatment cost also very high rage Tablets cost & Injection cost &Dialysis cost Zyrop 4000unts the cost is Rs.1490/- tanken injection per week 3times government hospital Treatment not good ple help to Kindey problems facing members so many members died without money so there is no treatmentple help to CKD problem facing members even may dad also CKD Stage V now Dialysis pleeeeeeeeeeeeeee i request you TV5 Help to all CKD Facing Peoples Save to ALL Thank You

  3. yesterday tv5 channel tel-costed a program on take over of patni computers systems igate.can u provide me line ,to watch it again.please do me favor

  4. Ragging in engineering college is very high in vizag chaitanya engineering college.inside campus and outside in buses.boys and girls and afraid to go to college.I think this is same in all engineering colleges.All I REQUEST IS TO STOP RAGGING .THIS WILL BE VERY HELPFUL FOR ALL STUDENTS TO DO AVOID SUISIDE ATTEMPTS.


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